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Batman AK Joker by JoshJ81
Batman AK Joker
Pencils Viktor Bogdanovic VikBogdanovic 
Inks Art Thibert aethibert
Colours by Josh Jensen JoshJ81

For my practice only, I had nothing to do with the original print version.

Trying to practice with the colour wheel in making correct colour picks for shadows. The idea being to add the complimentary colour to the base colour to build the proper shadow colour.
Real Oil by JoshJ81
Real Oil
Tried some real oil painting say the least, I have no clue how it works.  However, I liked the feel of mixing colours and learning how the REAL brush feels.  Different world from working in Photoshop...a lot more messy :)  Any oil painters out there have any tips for a beginner?
plugin848y Help by JoshJ81
plugin848y Help
Plugin848y Here is what I would update. Your subtlety is done very well.  However you can add just a little bit more on the shadow side.  The left image is your coloured work, the middle is my updated version, the right is a more direct look at what I touched on.  One thing I notice, you used yellow on the face and left no shaded or drops shadows.  Faces are the most important part of any comic book or art piece, you have to get the shapes correct (we connect to faces faster than any other part of any long as it has a face on it lol).  Even if you do not use the deep shadow colour that I have here, you should leave that base color under the chin, across the neck, around the nose and eye and even under the head band and hair and high light around them.  This will help create depth and give your subject a mood for the reader.  SO back to the yellow, if you use yellow on the face, why not use it on the rest of the body?  It doesn't have to be as powerful because you seem to be trying to draw the reader's eye to the face, but it all has to connect.  Usually the line artist will give you the shadow ques.  Look at her right hand, see how I gave it shadow and depth by simply following the line artist's lines?  It now has a top and bottom, you coloured the whole hand as if it is getting the same direct light on both sides.  Same with the left leg, with the knee bent and coming forward.  I gave it some shadowing below the knee and added some of the yellow tone from the face.  This helps bring the knee closer to the reader, to create depth.  Again, even if you continue to use subtle colors for depth (I was a little more direct to show my meaning), you'll make powerful statements.  Some artists I get inspiration from are Mike Spicer and FCO Plascencia...those guys are subtle but very powerful with their statements.
Boutin Speed Draw w/Colour by JoshJ81
Boutin Speed Draw w/Colour
Line art by Pat Boutin PatBoutin
Colour by Josh Jensen JoshJ81

I really like practicing with Pat's work (as long as he don't have a problem with it). The idea for this was to work within 2 tones, a rich cyan and very rich reddish-orange.
Outre #4 - Silence
Is a 4 story anthology and a free download that can be find here
The short story I was featured in as colorist was Cyber Witch and was excellently written and drawn by David Newbold davidnewbold :icondavidnewbold:

Out of the Blue -…
This is a 100 page anthology where proceeds to a homeless charity (charity not named yet, I will updated as soon as I know).
I was featured in 2 stories, one which I wrote.
"Deddy Bear Presents: Scummy Doo Doo Child" was co-written by Michael Corbitt and Josh Jensen :iconjoshj81: draw by James Hislope, lettered by Micah Myers micahmyers :iconmicahmyers: and color by Josh Jensen
"Helping Hand" was written by Brandow Barrows, drawn by Johnny Christmas and color by Josh Jensen

Where can you find these wonderful people?  See the list below!
Brandon Barrows -…
Michael Corbitt -…
James Hislope -
Micah Myers - and
David Newbold -

Special thanks to Magnus Aspli and Marta Tanrikulu…
They made this all possible and extremely fun to be a part of!

Enjoy and thank you!
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Joshua Jensen
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm an aspiring comic book colorist striving to become a professional. I'm a massive fan of Frank Frazetta, Fco Plascencia, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion, Sean Gordon Murphy, Matt Hollingsworth, Marte Garcia, Phil Noto and Mark Schultz to just name a few. My life dream would be to work on any Spider-Man title but until then I am pushing to learn as much as I can and never sitting still.

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Thanks for the fav bro! :)
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Thanks for the WIP Hellboy Vs Maestro fave! :D
JoshJ81 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You have a very good eye for the flat stage and it shows here.  However, I seen your gallery, I like what you have going on but I'm noticing one thing. When you add values or highlights, it looks as if you are using white.  Not that there is anything wrong with that but you should keep in mind of your environment and what kind of light should really be bouncing off your subjects.  Not all light is white :)  Like I was saying, you have a great sense of your base closes and you even have subtle values (love that!), work on your mood lighting a bit.  Keep it up!
Plugin848y Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Thanks so much for taking the time to give me feedback on my work, I really appreciate it!  I've been working hard on getting the highlights and the shading right, it's something I've struggled with for years! I'm *slowly* (snail's pace :P) introducing other colours with the lighting, I've got to get out of the mindset that any obvious highlighting is a mistake which is something I really find difficult! It's almost like if you can see an obvious highlight, it's wrong, which is really not something that's an issue (other than in my head :P)!  I'm watching a lot of tutorials and constructive criticism is something that's so so helpful to me!  Would you mind looking at the Wonder Woman vs Cyclops piece for me?…   I went with white highlights to cap off some lighter skin tone highlights.

I massively appreciate your input and your support!   

JoshJ81 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thanx fer the fave on Spider-20150514 by Steele67   Josh !!
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Inspire & be inspired!
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